Saturday, October 5, 2019

Holistic Healing

I have achieved partial healing with my disability and for the last several days I have been trying to accomplish more. I have found that healing simple pathological conditions (cuts, burns, lesions) using the power of love through healing touch to be relatively straightforward and successful. In the case of my disability "it’s not that simple". As is my practice, I have been joining with my disability through meditation and through my exploration I have encountered a number of attitudinal and karmic factors which I have been sorting through. My object is to achieve the highest level of healing possible within God’s or the Universe’s plan for the greatest service to my fellows and eternity.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019


The theme for today’s recovery meeting was service especially to the newcomer and the integrity of the program in general. There were many strong and sometimes opposing views expressed about maintaining firm boundaries and continuing with the rules and guidelines of that specific program, as if the people within that program were different from all others. I certainly agree that, for the sake of the group, we should maintain our rules and guidelines. I also kept thinking that we are all basically the same, all one, and we all just want love, peace and understanding no matter what group we are part of.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019


At my recovery meeting today several people spoke of being emotionally abusive and demanding toward themselves. I commented that was one of the hardest attitudes for me to give up during my many years of recovery but that I no longer did that. One of the factors that helped me a lot was the soft, gentle laughter I heard when I spoke of my tendency at meetings. At times I do still have difficulty with low self-worth and holding myself back or expecting to be put down. I was feeling that today, but, thankfully, not right now.

Sunday, September 29, 2019


Today I encountered the phrase "nothing matters; everything matters" and immediately knew that both were true. My understanding behind that "knowingness" is that nothing earthly matters within eternity since everything earthly is so temporal and replaceable. On the other hand everything matters since all thoughts and actions have at least a small impact on eternity. For me, the knowingness came first and was followed by logical understanding. I still feel more comfortable if I can put something in terms that I can logically understand.  I enjoy paradox.