Friday, August 10, 2012

Animal Visions

Last night I got up a bit before two AM, my regular time, and did some spiritual writing until just before four and then soaked/communed for a while in the hot-tube.  I then reclined in front of the stereo to listen to monotonous music with earphones and do some deep meditation and relaxation for about two more hours.  Sometime around five (some light was beginning) my meditation was interrupted by a rattling rattle snake right by my right ear.  It had to be an auditory vision, since there was no snake there.  I was quite startled and looked all over for it!  There was a definite feeling of forbidding and a need to pay attention.  I continued to look for the snake during the day and the next.  It reminds me of having “seen” a California Condor a couple of years ago, which was also not there, physically.  I looked for it for days and kept checking the paper, thinking that people would report a bird with a nine foot wingspan that does not live here. No one did.  I have come to realize that the Condor is a protector spirit of mine.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Men's Group, Love and Connection

We had our men's group tonight, seven of us.  We are a tight little group and we all care deeply about each other.  It amazes me how much individual and group strength can develop from the love and support of a close knit group like that.  As I pointed out tonight, the world could use more of this sort of thing.  The strength/power there costs nothing and includes no materialism, bells or whistles, but it leads to a sense of fulfillment one can find no other way.  It also makes distractions, drama and addictions unnecessary.  As the saints say, it is not possible to find that level of fulfillment through anything in the created order but I sure have tried!