Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Other Side of the Veil

I found it quite moving today to read the account of Eben Alexander’s of his near-death-experience in his book Proof of Heaven .  Particularly the fact that he, I and numerous others experience basically the same, very intense feelings of love, total peace, well being and comfort on the other side of the veil.  He too sensed that there is/was a great deal of power there and that he was being shown very specific things in order that he could bring the information back to this reality, much as in my case.  The appearance and experiences while on the other side vary depending on the person’s history and beliefs but the feelings are the same.
If I focus on that feeling and remind myself of the experiences during meditation, I can return to that feeling, as have various saints and mystics.  If I start off the day with an extended period of doing that type of prayer and meditation, I can carry that feeling with me during the day.  Doing that certainly changes my experience of the day!  Everything is much more intense and I can feel the connection to everything and everybody.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Function of Consciousness

In the early morning hours, when working with people, when performing a sweat-lodge ceremony and at various other times, I use my consciousness to join with God or love by focusing my intent.  If I do that before carrying out those activities it makes a huge difference in the strength of my intuition, ability to connect with others and the strength of my healing.  Once I make the connection with the reality of God or love, I feel the power and know that we are all connected and loved.
  I suspect that I have only scratched the surface, as to the potential there, but the results are quite phenomenal, and I do the best I can.  My focusing works well as long as I do it for service and make an effort to be totally selfless.  As expected, self-centered thoughts do intrude into my consciousness, but I dismiss them without acting on them.  Those passing self-centered thoughts seem to be part of being Charlie, for right now, but I need not act on them.
As a scientist and member of this culture, I used to limit my consciousness to my intellect.  I used to believe that consciousness was limited to the brain and that everything would eventually fall within a person’s intellectual understanding.  I had no idea that I was severely limiting my own consciousness and abilities.  Now I attempt to make the most of my potential, a difficult task.