Saturday, July 13, 2013

Following Guidance

A very busy day, with lots of connection with others, use of guidance/intuition and intensity.  Several times during the day, I found myself pausing for a few seconds to ask for help and guidance.  I would get some indication of what to say or do and I then acted accordingly.
I noted a very co-dependent tendency in myself to not say things that might upset or disturb other people, forgetting that love is always honest and always increases the integrity of the universe.  I have noticed the tendency in myself several times before and also make it a point to say or do the difficult thing, rather than yielding to the co-dependency.  Having said or done the difficult thing, I have always observed a positive outcome.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Worldly Activities

Yesterday, I found myself suggesting to someone that he be “in the world, but not of it”, meaning, in his case, that it was fine for him to participate in activities that lead to money, power  and prestige, but not to attach to those ideas or think that they will complete him.  It is certainly possible to participate in transient, worldly events and to still focus one’s being on the eternal “I am”.  I, and many others before me, find it much simpler to lead a life largely, though not completely free of those distractions.  Ideally, we could each find a level of participation that works for us.  Personally, I have found that participating in worldly activities tends to pull me away from the reality of love and the Absolute that I have found, a price I am not willing to pay.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


An intense day.  I had a two hour session with the healer I go to, a hands on, medical intuitive.  I meditate and assist him while he works on me, a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.  My time with him tends to pass quickly.
There are also a number of people in my life who are involved in various types of self-defeating behaviors, everything from negative projections/thoughts to active addiction.  I have dealt with a full spectrum of self-defeating behaviors and feelings of my own.  It is important to note that it is possible to have these behaviors and feelings, become aware of them and grow past them.  I made use of a lot of help and guidance in the process.  The help and guidance came from my human and spiritual connections.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Acting in the Present

I participated in a number of activities today which could have, potentially, caused a great deal of anxiety and frustration in me, but did not.  I simply did what seemed to be the next right thing and let go of the outcome, or the past history leading up to my actions.  The first activity was to straighten out some health insurance issues over the phone.  I have difficulty with phone conversations, because of my speech impediment and this was an issue that required a lot of explaining. They all involved similar activity. Later, I straightened out my corporate status, completed some paperwork and attended a wellness appointment with my physician, all of which required negotiating and explanation.
My point is that I did not delve into the past events that needed to be straightened out in order to move forward.  Neither did I fret over current difficulties in explaining the situation or worry about the eventual outcome.  In the past I would have done all three.   I simply did what seemed to be the next right thing.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Letting Go

I had a very graphic dream last night in which someone was trying to come in my window, I did not want him to, so I killed him by slicing him in half using a hand scythe!  Dreams where I end up killing something or someone, generally symbolize some sort of final change in me or a letting go.  The more graphic dreams, such as this one, indicate that the letting go was very difficult and important.  In this particular dream, the un-reality of the fact that there was no blood, makes the symbolic nature of the dream very clear.  The dream did not represent reality.
The attachment or belief that I have been processing and letting go of, is my attachment to the idea that there is something wrong with being held back from growth by some aspect of the human condition.  For example, many people choose the safety of a known job with benefits, rather than taking the plunge of following their heart toward a more fulfilling and risky future.  Having the faith and trust necessary to overcome their fear would promote their growth, and would be desirable, I thought.  I was taking a very short term stance.  In fact, experiencing that sort of conflict is a valuable part of living, whatever the outcome.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Being Human

The many people I know and care about tend to get down on themselves for acting out of habit, fear, projection, hurt or anger rather than love, faith and heart.  Basically they feel guilt and shame because of acting out of their own humanity, rather than some sort of higher ideal.  For example, holding a job because of a paycheck or keeping that job because of health insurance rather than quitting that job and pursuing some sort of activity that is risky, but feels right and seems to be more virtuous and heart centered.  There is tremendous value in feeling and living with that habit, fear, projection, hurt or anger, feeling it acutely and being aware of how it affects us.  Being human is, after all, what we are here for.  How else would we know and value the peace that comes from acting out of faith and heart/love.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Song

My message to others is very simply the importance of love, compassion, connectedness and inclusion with no judgement, criticism, competition or drama.  That is also the way in which I live my life.  A few people take my simple message and project onto it their own feelings of judgement, criticism, competition and drama.  My tendency is to think of this projection as unfortunate but I just realized it is not.  Part of me wishes to change it but there is no need.  It is just another example of the, wonderful, human condition and I am only a tool, certainly not immune to the human condition.  I will go on speaking my truth and observing the outcome of my words.