Saturday, May 11, 2019


I cannot say with any certainty that, if they put in the effort, other people would generally be capable of the level of self-healing I wrote of yesterday. I can say with confidence that we are all capable of more than we think, if we are willing to put in the effort to develop and use the power of love within us. Developing and nurturing that God or Love "seed" within each of us does take effort and focus. There is a very constructive, positive and loving source of power within each of us which many have experienced or seen. We can develop and use that power. I find that living within that power leads to a fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Holistic Healing

Many years ago I went to a cardiologist who had me use a stethoscope to listen to the back-flow of blood through one of my heart valves and he also showed me the malfunction using a sonogram. Having seen the problem using my intent and hands I directed healing Love or God energy into the area, trusting that my body would know what to do, how to heal the problem. It did and the malfunction disappeared. More recently, when I speak of this to doctors they assume I was miss diagnosed since that explanation fits within their thinking. I have now gone through a similar sequence of events with five cysts, one cancerous/pre-cancerous lesion, a lung problem, a prostate problem, an underperforming thyroid and my disability. All were apparently miss diagnosed. I continue to use the same techniques and am impressed by the power of love and the mind-body connection.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019


I keep looking at and feeling the world around me, sensing the divine harmony in it all and wondering how I can add to that. The feeling of harmony and :rightness" applies to many things from cooking or working in my garden to reading about problems in the paper. The feeling "surpasses all understanding’ or at least mine. At the same time the feeling of harmony is undeniable. As St. John of the Cross commented "He should learn to remain in God’s presence with a loving attention and a tranquil intellect", even though this seems like idleness to him. Soon he will find little by little that a "divine calm and peace with a wondrous, sublime knowledge of God, enveloped in divine love, will be infused into his soul".

Monday, May 6, 2019


I began the day with ten minutes of cardiac exercising on my stationary bike, the only exercise where I can get my heart rate up to 130 or higher. Ten minutes is all my muscles will do for me. I then did the weekly shopping followed by my main activity of the day, which was mowing the front lawn. The mowing took about two hours and I rested for a while when I was half way through. For the average person the same amount of mowing takes fifteen minute, which amazes me. I also did some weeding, planting, meditating and cooking. All of today’s activities were ordinary and it is not possible for me to express how grateful I am to be able to do them. I know many people who cannot and there have been several times in my life when I could not.