Saturday, February 4, 2017

God Seed

I have been reading a lot today about what I call the "God seed" in each one of us, a part of each of us that many before me have commented on and, as I say in my book, "it is there no matter how despicable a person is". Religious scholars suggest that its existence is probably what Jesus meant when he commented that the kingdom of God is within us. I have chosen to nurture that seed and let it grow with the miraculous results I mentioned yesterday. The challenge I am faced with today is how to get others to make a similar choice, hopefully without experiencing the hardships I endured.

Friday, February 3, 2017


Today in my recovery meeting I was told by another "old timer" that what I claimed for my life and myself was impossible. I am reminded of several years ago when I meditated to avoid feeling some discomfort during a medical test and the technician exclaimed "you can’t do that! It’s impossible, that’s a reflex". So we did the test again, I allowed it to happen and he was happy. I have a very close connection with what I call God and, as long as I stay humble, asking for support and guidance, "impossible" things are possible. I just need to accept that fact and go about my life as living proof of the fact that what is considered impossible, may not be.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


I went through a lengthy process of forgiveness with my father who had been angry, full of rage and beat me when I was a child. He died several years ago from complications due to his Alzheimer’s. The forgiveness process began with me realizing how angry I was, continued with my figuring out how similar we were and ended with me loving him and realizing that there was nothing to forgive, he was just another human worthy of love and doing his best. The process of forgiveness was extremely important for my development and it was also important for me to reach the "knowing" that within the unconditional love of God, forgiveness was not necessary since there was no offense. Mitchell puts it well "Where there is no offense to begin with, there is nothing to forgive. It is more accurate to say that within the kingdom of God there is only acceptance [love].

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My Understanding

In the words of Mark Anthony "My personal experiences as a medium have proved to me that God exists, heaven and the Other Side exist, souls are immortal, we can communicate with souls, and we will be reunited with our love ones on the Other Side. I’ve also come to understand there is no hell, although there are multiple levels on the Other Side and reincarnation." Through my near death experience and daily meditation, I know these things as well. I have also come to understand that it does not matter what if any words a person uses to describe this and that no judgment will come from the Other Side. My understanding changes the way I conduct myself each day.

Monday, January 30, 2017


I have been reading The Gospel According to Jesus, by Stephen Mitchell, a beautiful book, scholarly, spiritual and heartfelt. The book is based on what religious scholars believe were the actual words and thoughts of Jesus. The book transcends religious differences for, as the author says, "when words arise from the deepest kind of spiritual experience, from a heart pure of doctrines and beliefs, they transcend religious boundaries and can speak to all people, male and female, bond and free, Greek and Jew." The teachings and words attributed to Jesus are very simple and do just that.

Sunday, January 29, 2017


I can look retrospectively at my life and see clearly that I was provided with numerous opportunities to grow and learn in the direction of love, the approach I now use and suggest in my book (Three Simple Questions: Being In the World But Not Of It). In my case it finally took personal pain and discomfort to make the shift. The discomfort was well worth it but could have been avoided . I often think of Williamson’s comment that "We will be given every opportunity to learn through joy, and when we deny ourselves that, we will learn through pain. But we will learn." I suspect we are at a similar crossroad of choice in regards to our current president. It is wonderful to see the loving, inclusive and compassionate response of the populous so far.


A very close friend of mine has been practicing self-healing with some success - a wonderful event. I have been practicing self-healing and a holistic approach to my health for years, with good success and enjoyment. I find pleasure and fulfillment in love and light. Conrow Coelho describes it well "I think it might be proposed, in addition, that the plenum has powers and modes of influence within the manifest world, influences that are experienced in subjective ways that are not the subject of science. These various attributes may include what we, subjectively, recognize as numinosity, an alluring quality often experienced as love and powers of healing and centering (through the ordering of the Self/Soul) as well as creativity ---- qualities of experience some religious thinkers have attributed to God."