Saturday, August 31, 2013

Knowing My Limits

For the last two days (Thursday and Friday of each week), I have been seeing clients, something I really enjoy, if I stay within my own limits.  I can only, effectively, see three or four a day, since connecting and listening the way I do is a lot of work and I often see fewer.  If I see more than four I get exhausted.  If I see less than four, I feel invigorated!  My clients come to expect and appreciate the type of service I provide and recognize how much effort I put in.  Overall, it feels like a good match.

Friday, August 30, 2013


The topic in the meeting today was fear or, for some, fear of change.  The topic and comments caused me to reflect on my fears in the past and the present.  In the past, I recognized that there was comfort and familiarity in being a bit of a stubborn, appositional jerk and a bit of a screw up.  The way I was at that time.  Changing away from that invoked a great deal of fear since, if I gave that up, I did not know if anything would be left, and I simply did not know what was on the other side, if I gave up that way of being.  I went through with the change due, primarily, to the guidance of other people.
In the present I have some fears that hold me back from being all I can be.  As I said after the meeting today, I am a special person with unique gifts who is of service to many people.  Putting it simply “I am Charlie and that is what I do”.  The fact is, that I have little more than begun to tap into that power I call God or love and how that power can change my life.  There is more there and a vague sort of fear keeps me from accessing it.  I will continue to allow that fear to pass..

Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Different Approach

A day of staff meetings, concerning the welfare of the clients that I work with and their peers in the same program.  I strive, fairly successfully, to be ego-less and selfless during the meetings, reminding myself that my role is to be of service and that it’s about them, not me.  As I indicated in my previous entry, I still get whispers of self-will and my own ego importance.  For the most part, I am amused when I here those whispers.  Living in response to those messages of ego, control and self-will resulted in a lot of discomfort for me.  Generally, I no longer act on those impulses and, as a result things go more smoothly.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Prayer & Meditation

I now get pulled back into my old way of thinking (fear, anger, self-judgment, self-deprecation) every few months, and even then, only for a few minutes.  It is quite noticeable and somewhat embarrassing!  I generally stay in the wonderful peace, love and serenity of “I am”, with whispers in my head of my old thoughts and attitudes.  I usually don’t get pulled in to believing the thoughts are real.  I attribute my attitude shift to the prayer and meditation I do each morning.  Taking the time each morning changes my whole day.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Sense of "I Am"

Today, I was struck once again, that from a sense the peace, serenity and empty fullness of “I am”, I can observe the craziness in my own head and all around me or even experience pain and disability, without getting attached to it.  The real me does not experience these things, they are a product of my body.  The craziness, disability or pain  all seem like a fabrication of my mind which is very real in some ways but also not part of the real me.  The real me, the “I am”, existed before my body and will exist after it passes.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Going Into The Pain

As often happens, I had pain and numbness going down one of my legs for  several days, leading up to today, a sure sign of lower back problems.  It was my left leg this time, which is pretty unusual.  I began focusing on my pain during meditation, at first asking what it was about, then releasing the fear.  I also increased my stretching, back exercises.  As a result, today I only had minor back soreness rather than having pain going down my leg, a clear improvement.  Part of me wishes I did not have to go through such a process and part of me is extremely grateful that I know to do it.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Being Human

I have a strong feeling that “the universe is unfolding as it should” (Ehrmann) and that I am in harmony with it, a feeling of love, peace and connection.  I find that remarkable since I do not like many of the events that are happening in my life.  I suspect that a good part of the feeling of harmony stems from the events I spoke of yesterday.  At any rate, it is nice to have that feeling of peace and to not feel conflicted over the way various events are taking place around me.  Generally, my feelings of conflict change nothing anyway, an example of being a silly human!