Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Power Of Love

Love is a very positive force or power in our world and I will do everything I can to promote it.  There are, of course, numerous other forces, some relatively neutral, some decidedly negative and destructive.  I feel no need to personify the forces but they certainly exist and it is necessary to deal with them daily.  I find it useful and very effective to make use of unconditional love when confronting or reacting to, what most people call, evil.  For example, the response of forgiveness to acts of terror.  Love and forgiveness changes everything.

Friday, August 21, 2015

No Separation

I realize that my experience is anecdotal and that my thoughts and interpretations are only those of a single person, though I strive to be objective.  That being said, it seems clear to me that there is no definable separation between what we think of as physical reality and the spiritual or ethereal.  For example, since I began to practice unconditional love, I seldom get sick and my disability has not progressed as expected.  Additionally when I do get sick it is during times of high stress like the cold I am just getting over and the fact that my book is scheduled to be published soon.  The physical and spiritual interact with each other.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Importance Of Life

When I meditate I realize and feel that life on this planet, though transient and relatively short, is of tremendous value.  Everything we do in this life impacts our soul, God and eternity.  I wish to communicate the importance of our choices to others.  It does not really matter what you believe, the impact is still there.  Everything has an effect, often very minor, on the integrity of the universe.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Getting Sick & Humility

I have a bug today, presumably some sort of virus.  I began to notice yesterday that I did not feel quite right and today I feel pretty bad.  Time to not make any major decisions and focus on self-care.  I don’t get sick often and I do not like it, but it is good for me to realize that all of the healing work I do is not a guarantee that it will not happen.  I also need to realize that I am more susceptible since this is a high stress time, with my book about to come out.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Moving Through Life

Life is a beautiful and meaningful experience.  Much of living is occupied with relatively mundane activities such as, working, paying bills, paying taxes or having minor relationship issues.  Then there are tragic events like major losses, life-threatening illness or accidents.  There are also memorable and enjoyable events such as falling in love, watching loved ones grow and thrive or observing the antics of puppies at play.  All of these events are transient but also contribute to the integrity of the universe.  These experiences are why we are on this planet.  I find it best to experience them and let them pass without grasping or pushing them away.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Gratitude For What Is

Maria and I went to a young people’s production of “Les Miserable” today, a pure delight.  The cast was packed with normal, happy, healthy young people - just like I wasn’t.  They were all early to mid teens, the age at which I was slipping further into darkness.  They were cute, charming and “light” - I was troubled, hurt and angry.  Climbing out of that hole has taken many years, resulting in a person who is very aware, introspective and extremely spiritual.  I am grateful for my past and where it has taken me.

Sunday, August 16, 2015


I spent the last two days connecting and working with individual clients and their families, quite an experience and honor.  The connecting requires a mutual respect, trust and, in many cases, love.  The words of  deCastillejo,, a Jungian Psychologist, come to mind; "For there to be a meeting, it seems as though a third, a something else, is always present.  You may call it Love, or the Holy Spirit.  Jungians would say that it is the presence of the Self.  If this 'Other' is present, there cannot have failed to be a meeting."  That meeting is necessary if growth and change is to happen.