Saturday, March 4, 2017

I am

Today I have been reflecting on who I am and what I am capable of. My capabilities, to some extent, are determined by how I view myself. On a very superficial, public level I am a highly trained and educated therapist. On a slightly deeper level I am a very stubborn and determined "adult child of an alcoholic" and an alcoholic. On a much deeper level I am a child of God/love and I conduct my daily life in partnership with that power. This latter is viewing myself as the eternal "I am" and gives me abilities and awarenesses I did not know I had. This view is summarized nicely by the words of Claremont deCastillejo when she wrote "Great deeds can only be achieved when we are more than our little selves. When we are lent wings we should not reject them."

Friday, March 3, 2017


I use a lot of meditation or contemplation to determine the best path or choice for me to take for most of my actions. I consider meditation to be any thoughts that quiet the clamoring of my intellect, generally with eyes closed and on a specific topic/question. Contemplation is similar but generally with eyes open and for nothing specific, just wandering thoughts. What I’m looking for is a feeling of clarity in my guts in response to my best choice as opposed to a feeling of murkiness. For example, right now I am planning a plane ride across the country followed by guiding a spiritual retreat in Mexico. There are several associated questions and options like the best flight to take and subjects for the retreat.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Holistic Health 2

The most significant event of the day was going to talk to the surgeon about some upcoming surgery for an inguinal hernia I have. It is still difficult for me to blend allopathic medicine with my holistic attitude. The medical profession thinks in terms of pathology and the prevention of negative outcomes. My emphasis is on health, healing, love and working toward positive outcomes. Both approaches are valid just difficult for me to blend. As in the past with similar surgery, using my techniques I suspect recovery from surgery will only take a few days.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Holistic Health

In 1988 I was diagnosed with a chronic, degenerative neurological disorder and told that I would never improve and probably continue to get worse. Since then overall I have gotten quite a bit better in most ways and there are some aspects that have gotten worse, though that could be because I am approaching seventy. People in the medical profession have told me that what I am doing is impossible. I do not fight my disability or treat it as my enemy. I "join" with it and consider it a life challenge and partner that has something to tell me. I then meditate and contemplate on ways to live my life in ways that reduce the impact of my disability. I also fill myself with love and visualize a healthy body. My assumption is that I either know or will be provided with the information I need. My process has definitely worked for me!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Spiritual Path 2

I know that I am on a spiritual path and I value that above all else since the rest of my life, which is wonderful, depends on it. I spend a good part of each day meditating/contemplating to ascertain my guidance and support, the next right action. I can’t say that I experience the "dry periods" that I hear others talk about, periods of no guidance or contact. I do experience feelings of being lost and groundless, like today. Those feelings come when I am experiencing a lot of growth and am in areas that are not familiar to me. Today and recently I have been taking some of the final steps of shutting down my business, which has supported me for the last several years. I am un unfamiliar territory and know it! I keep moving forward because of trust and faith - I know this is my path.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Spiritual Path

Maria, my wife, and I attended a small group meeting of Friends to talk about our personal experiences with our own spiritual development. The connections, openness, and honesty were wonderful. I took exception to the comments of several people that daily, "mundane" duties like childcare, housecleaning or tax preparation were not part of spiritual development by saying that all aspects of life are part of that development. I also spoke of the point I make in my book that each of us "are on a spiritual path whether you know it, intend it, admit it or not. If you are doing so with consciousness and intent, the path will, very likely, not be as you expect."