Saturday, May 17, 2014

Importance Of Connection And Love

Using the scientific model, it is quite clear that “survival of the fittest” is important in species interaction and survival.  However, it also seems apparent from various videos, anecdotal observations and behavioral studies that connection and love are important as well, though more ethereal and difficult to measure.  Many of the videos on the internet show a strong connection between members of a given species and even between potential enemies.  As I mentioned yesterday the mere presence of an observer has an impact on the outcome of at least sone events, also showing the import of connection.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Expanded Reality

There are very few things that I know for certain, though I have been shown or realized repeatedly that there is quite a bit more to reality than I previously believed, which I find exciting.  I attempt to use my scientific training to evaluate my position in the world, particularly objective observation and the concept of parsimony.  I am also acutely aware that the mere presence of an observer has an impact on the outcome of at least sone events.  I enjoy and follow the comments of Sylvia Fraser in The Book of Strange, that “For my own part, if dropping a T.V. set produces more channels, why not watch them?”  I make use of what I find.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Soul Growth

The other day, I made some comments about soul ages and also made the statement that what I said could be wrong.  As was suggested by a friend who also has mystical connections, I reconsidered my understanding and realized that I was wrong.  I cannot say that I understand the process of soul growth but I can say that my view was overly linear and too simplistic.  I like the comments of Sylvia Fraser in The Book of Strange, that “We as a species seem to have been created as vessels of consciousness.  Apparently, the deeper, spiritual journey is not requested of us but demanded, with the stakes being higher than earthly happiness and perhaps even life and death.”

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

No Judgment

My impression is that the loving embrace of life that I wrote about yesterday encompasses the actions of humans that affect the earth negatively, while also recognizing the harm that is being done.  Things like fracking, climate change or excessive population growth have an obvious negative impact on the earth and will cause negative consequences.  My point is that there is no anger or judgment against us for the harm we are doing, as in the case of my personal growth, it is simply part of the process, and the process is embraced.  That embrace also takes into account that we are all connected and connected to everything.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Embrace Life

When I make a strong connection with that power or force, I encounter a loving embrace of all aspects of myself and humanity in general.  Personally, in my past, I have done many negative and hurtful things to myself, other people and my non-human environment.  I gather those things are viewed as part of being Charlie, part of my growth and development, sort of the way I might feel about a puppy who has chewed the leg of an heirloom table.  Those actions are certainly not condoned and there may be very real consequences or karma associated with them, but that is independent of the love.  The strength of that love stimulates me to always act in accordance with it (rather than fearing hell) and to embrace all of life similarly.  I will do no less.

Monday, May 12, 2014


In order to make a strong connection with others, I need to first arrive at a peaceful and loving place regarding myself.  I accomplish that level of self-acceptance by coming to know and embrace all parts of my current and historical self, a tall order.  I learned of that level of acceptance primarily through my prayer and meditation.  That acceptance is what I found through the unconditional love there.  I could feel that love when I made a strong connection and I have come to know that feeling.  I have learned over time, step-by-step to apply that acceptance to myself and, having done that, I can apply it to others.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Connection As Part Of Recovery

In my work with newly recovering addicts and alcoholics, I first allow my love or God part to connect with theirs.  They can sense that part in me, as I can in them and then the connection just happens automatically.  I then listen, confront and make suggestions from a place of love and respect for them, which they can also sense.  Once the connection is made, more clinical information can be exchanged.  The result is a quite amazing, rapid transformation.  They also feel emotionally and spiritually stronger.  This process is certainly not a guarantee against relapse, but it does result in it being less likely.