Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Healing Power Of God/love

One of the most important concepts that does not fall readily within the scientific model is the ability of the power/force of God/love to cause physical healing and change lives.  Some aspects of this ability can be and have been evaluated using science, such as demonstrating that healing touch can expedite physical healing in mice.  Earlier today I did some healing with a woman who had just had surgery.  The healing seemed to have a positive effect and she and I could feel the presence of the energy, without really understanding it.

I will be guiding a spiritual retreat until 4-27 so I will not be recording anything in my journal for a few days.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Scientific Model

I used to be a relatively normal Ph.D. biologist and researcher, but the events of the last several years have changed me.  As a scientist, I was trained to be totally open and objective to contradictory data, but realized that I was being biased in favor of information that fit within the scientific model, thus restricting the information I would even consider.  The model is excellent, however a good deal of spiritual information does not fit within it, though that model can probe and elucidate the outskirts of some spiritual ideas, as we are finding out.  The scientific model, like most things, is limited.  Using the parsimony principle of Occam’s razor and attempting to look at all of the information objectively, I have realized that there is actually a great deal of reality that falls outside of the scientific model, that there is really something there.  I am passionate about finding out what that something is and making optimal use of it in my life.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Why Me?

Today, I went to the movie “Heaven Is For Real”, which I found to be a very accurate portrayal of the impact of, what is usually called, a “near death experience”.  It was my opinion, that the movie presented an accurate sense of the feelings and life changes caused by such an experience, though, in my case, I am not a Christian so the images were different during my near death experience.  The important things during both experiences were the overwhelming and strong feelings of love and well-being.  The other aspect of the movie that I found particularly accurate was its portrayal of an almost need to act in accordance with that love, resulting in a distinct change of  behavior.  It is as if the experience sparked some sort of God seed in me to act in accordance with that love.  I am left with the question “why me?”,which, in many ways, makes no difference.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Different Level Of Reality II

Yesterday, I described visitations that I have experienced from non-physical people, spirits, who were actually, I understand through meditation, myself from a previous life.  Since that time I have experienced seeing a condor, a bird with a nine foot wingspan that does not live in this area and which noone else saw, a pinion jay in the middle of a cliff-face with no pinion pines, or any other form of sustenance, in the vicinity, and numerous humming-birds which made no sounds with their wings as they flew.  None of these things were “real”, at least in the physical sense.  These occurrences all represented the presence of different levels of reality.  I would like to point out that there was nothing weird, scary or exceptional in any way about any of these occurrences, as Hollywood often portrays such events, they were simply something that is because it is.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Another Level Of Reality

I have been visited by spirits several times, usually as a method of their support and encouragement, and always on their terms.  The first three or four times (still not sure!) it happened were associated with a traditional Native American sweat lodge.  On one of the first occasions, it was the middle of winter, with snow on the ground and I was awaiting the beginning of the ceremony, along with several others, mostly Natives.  A young Native person arrived, wearing fringed buckskin leggings with no shoes or shirt.  I welcomed him, thinking everything totally normal, we talked quietly a bit and he sat next to me in the lodge.  Later, when it was his turn to pray, I looked over and, much to my surprise, he was no longer there.  After the lodge, I asked the leader of the ceremony if someone had left, and he looked at me strangely and assured me that noone had.  The next time I was visited was very similar, but I spoke with noone about it, knowing, after the fact, what had happened.  The time after that, it was a very young Native of five or six, also wearing traditional clothing, and I recognized him as a spirit.  Just before he left, he smiled, waved and I acknowledged him.  Since those times, similar things have happened numerous times, involving non-physical people, animals and things.  The reason I bring it up is that these things actually happened, meaning there is something really there, and, on each occasion, I thought it totally normal, though I was being exposed to a different level of reality.  It was only after the fact that I realized there was something abnormal going on.