Saturday, October 12, 2013

Linear Time

It looks very likely that we will be moving soon and that my spiritual routines like the sweat-lodge and my daily communion within the hot-tub will be disrupted.  This change could readily be a source of concern for me but, during meditation, I have been assured that it won’t really change anything.  I think in terms of linear time and within linear time, moving could be a problem.  However, it has been made clear to me, though I do not understand completely, that linear time does not apply and that a temporary change makes no difference.  Understanding is not required.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Beyond Words

I had the opportunity to talk with several people about love/God based behaviors and attitudes that I describe on my website. Things like true power, perfectionism, selfless love, duality and the Absolute.  As I pointed out today, almost all of the information was gleaned from past mystics and spiritual leaders, very little was original.  To me, it is quite remarkable that each of them had encountered the same truths during their own meditation.  They each knew the value of the love/God based way of life, a way of life which they could not adequately describe using words.  Essentially, we could only talk around it using metaphors and analogies.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Acting Out Of Love

Today I had the pleasure of connecting with various people who were all learning to act out of what I call the God or love part of themselves.  Most of them were also intimately familiar with acting out of their dark sides, having each done that for many years.  For several of them, I have helped them make the shift, a wondrous experience for me.  I lead a life of being of service to others, so watching and participating in others acting out of love is very meaningful for me.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

God Part

Having allowed it to dominate my thoughts, feelings and behaviors for many years, I am very much aware of my shadow or dark side, that part of me that is hurt, angry, extremely self-centered and fear-based.  More recently, I have also seen that part expressed in other people.  As far as I can tell, we all have it.  Also as far as I can tell, we all have, what I call the “God part’ as well.  The God part is that seed in each of us that is loving, empathic, other directed and knows that we are all connected.  I have learned that by nurturing the God part, I can lovingly embrace both parts, while acting on the God part.  Living that way is a lot more enjoyable, for me and those around me.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Miracle of Recovery

Thanks to meditation, contemplation and rest, today I felt emotionally and spiritually strong and connected, not at all the way I felt yesterday.  I find it impressive that on the one hand I can know God, that life is eternal (not dependent on the transient, physical body) and that everything is in divine order, while, on the other hand be stressed out by relatively trivial life events.  All I can conclude is that earthly drama and events are very compelling.
I went to one of my recovery meetings tonight.  While there, I looked around the room in amazement at the fact that I was in a room full of drug addicts and alcoholics who were clean and sober and talking about their own feelings.

Monday, October 7, 2013


It is important for me to admit that for much of the day today, I was struggling to maintain any sort of connection with the Source/God or the peace that comes with “I am”, and I felt pretty challenged and overwhelmed by life.  It took me a while to realize through meditation and contemplation that I had taken on too many earthly concerns and, in addition, was having unreasonable expectations of myself and Maria.  I altered my attitude and expectations and am now feeling connected again, a good example of the spiritual utility of discomfort as a corrective event.  I suspect that if my spiritual strength, which is very good, were better, I would not get pulled into the earthly concerns.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Meaning In Life

I have been tense for several hours today until a few minutes ago.  My tension was due to several life events being up in the air, meaning unresolved, the main events are buying a new house and selling our existing one.  Feeling tense is highly unusual for me, any more, and I do not enjoy it.  My relief came when someone I know well expressed gratitude due to the support and love he has experienced over the last year.  I suddenly realized, deeply, what M. Williamson said, that “Money, of itself, means nothing. Material things, of themselves, mean nothing.  It’s not that they’re bad. It’s that they’re nothing.”  As she points out and I remembered, love and relationships do mean something.