Saturday, May 25, 2019


Yesterday and again today I had lengthy and intense connections and interactions with others during which I could feel the presence of God or something. I could tell the interactions were important though I cannot say why. I found them to be exhilarating and exhausting. "For there to be a meeting, it seems as though a third, a something else, is always present. You may call it Love, or the Holy Spirit. Jungians would say that it is the presence of the Self. If this 'Other' is present, there cannot have failed to be a meeting." (Irene Claremont deCastillejo)

Friday, May 24, 2019


In a very temporal and worldly way I can view some of the current political trends as destructive to the earth and harmful to its inhabitants. If I am attached to this view I am alarmed by those trends. On the other hand I can sense that in an eternal way the earth and its inhabitants are in divine order and just fine, though some may die in the process. The latter view has a divine source and I feel it most strongly during my periods of prayer and meditation. I am better off not spending much time reading the paper or listening to the news. "To understand better the value of silence in daily life, and its relation to this spiritual transformation for which we yearn, it is useful first to consider the limitation of language, of words......."It is next useful to contemplate the limitations of logical reasoning."

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


In the words of the Joan Baez song from years ago, "I am less than the song I am singing, I am more than I thought I could be". I move through life touching people emotionally and spiritually, spreading love all the time. I am less than that, less than what I do but much more than I thought possible. I also keep encountering the fear of becoming "all I can be". I have been dealing with that fear for the last couple of days by feeling it (very unpleasant!) And resolving to go ahead anyway. I gather that is called courage — it feels like fear.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Daily Life

I lead a disciplined life, not because of being fearful of the consequences of not doing so, but because of the joy, peace and freedom resulting from that discipline. As Thomas Dubay, S. M. writes "we might say that in the transforming union the person perceives in his profound center a peaceful, gentle awareness that the Trinity [Love and harmony with all things] is continually present." He goes on to point out that "A person is able to attend to the indwelling Trinity and yet carry on the ordinary business of daily life." I can do that as long as I do not believe that the "ordinary business has much importance.