Saturday, September 24, 2016

Being Human

This morning I attended a community acupuncture session and toward the end of the session a man who was in charge in some way gave a "speech" for several minutes. He talked primarily about the fact that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and encouraging us to remember that fact and to act out of that higher energy state, never realizing that the very act of talking about it brought our energy down. He also promoted himself and the healing sessions he conducts. During his talk it was clear that he was quite proud of himself and the talk contained a lot of ego and spiritual materialism. I took away two important messages from the encounter. One lesson is that the world is full of that type and I just need to attend to my own affairs - that is none of my business unless asked. The other important message is that I have the same tendencies and to be careful!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Self Promotion and Being of Service

This morning I sent out my first query letter as a major part of my effort to obtain a literary agent. This action was remarkable in that I do not do well with self-promotion, preferring instead to stay quietly in the background while letting my actions speak for themselves. A query letter is all about promotion, an attempt to convince a potential agent that my book is a good one, that I am highly qualified and uniquely suited to write my book, all true. Until writing my book (Three Simple Questions: Being in the World, But Not of It) my effort was to change the world - one person at a time. This book is an effort to go beyond that, reaching many people. A literary agent could help me do that.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Restraint 2

Yesterday’s blog is a good example that I need to keep in mind that I know my way, what works for me and I frequently express it as such. I actually spend a fair amount of time daily to keep abreast of what is right for me and my life path. I do not know what is right for anyone else so my letting them know that they are doing things wrong makes no sense. Additionally, if I attempt to alter or control someone else’s behavior, I am likely to waste my energy, hurting them in the process.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Today, during my recovery meeting one of the other members interrupted the person speaking in order to stop him and tell him that he was not following the rules. He did do it politely and carefully, even apologizing after the meeting. I have often been in a position to do the same and, at least recently, have decided not to impose my rigidity and ideas on someone else, that it would not "increase the integrity of the universe". My view is that what they say could help themselves or someone else, so I leave it alone. I do sometimes talk to them after the meeting so as not to appear the authority during the meeting.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


The main event of the day was that we went to White’s Ferry, toward the west end of the state. It was, indeed, beautiful and we sat at the landing for a while before a short walk and sit along the old C. & O. canal at the same location. We had a wonderful time connecting with the land and local spirits but they were not the events that caught my attention. Two things really got my attention. The first was the traffic and the number of people on the road, making driving stressful and tiring. The second was the quiet of White’s ferry versus the almost constant loud noise of the place we are staying. I much prefer the quiet, it is only then that I can truly connect.


It’s yesterday now since I couldn’t figure out what to write, but it was a quiet "beginning of fall" day. When doing my dawn ceremony the trees, shrubs and land felt like an ending or completion. The leaves have begun to fall and it has become cooler, it even smells different, less green and growing. I am in the process of beginning so the fall of the year is not what I am up to - but it does feel like I should slow down. The fall of the year feels quite a bit stronger here than it did in Flagstaff - the seasons are more pronounced.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Connection 2

Yesterday I spoke of connecting with the people, land, plants and spirits in this area and how important that connection is to me. Those connections give my life depth and meaning. It’s similar to the connection I have with my wife, Maria, but all of the time, with everyone and everything. That connection requires focus and attention and can be disrupted by the distraction and noise of TV, i-phones or the internet. I like the quiet times, which certainly makes me a misfit here!