Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Location of Consciousness

I have been told, and it is generally believed, that consciousness is located exclusively in the brain.  I cannot say that I have a complete picture, at this point, but I do know that is not accurate.  Various people, including myself, have disassociated at times of extreme pain or some sort of extreme emotional or physical upset, and at least part of the consciousness moves nearby but detached, physically and emotionally, from the event.  There is also a similar situation with, what is generally called, “remote viewing”, when a person “views” a distant location without physically being there.  Also when I go into deep meditation, my consciousness shifts to an existence where I feel total peace, total love, am not disabled and have no pain, I suspect that my consciousness moves away from my body and toward, what I call, the God place.  Finally, through meditation, my understanding is that when a person dies his/her consciousness expands and moves with the soul to the “other side”, giving up its temporary home in the body.
To me, the location of consciousness is not a simple, academic question.  My meditation and contemplation time with God has made it quite clear to me that I am more than I thought I was, which is a wonderful realization, but it also makes me uneasy and challenges me to become more.  With God’s help and guidance, I wish to become that person.   It seems important to understand this sort of thing because I do not wish to limit myself with my own beliefs.  Unfortunately, I know I can do that!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Different View

Several years ago I asked, very deeply and sincerely, to see the world the way that God does and that has happened, as far as I can tell.  The vast majority of things most people talk about and worry about just seem silly to me, though I always listen with a genuine sense of appreciation.  I have a very strong tendency to feel like a parent watching my children navigate through life, a feeling of love, amusement and gratitude when I see them or myself (similar thoughts and feelings occur to me, I just do not take them seriously).  There is no feeling of condescension, rather a feeling of love and a strong connection.  I am reminded of what I heard years ago that “nothing matters very much and very few things matter at all”.  It is a very loving and peaceful view of the world.
I have been very aware recently of how different my view of the world is and wondered whether that was a problem.  It has been made clear to me the last several days that it is only by having that view, that I can truly connect with the spiritually connected part of others.  They end up talking to me about their own “paranormal” experiences, which they, generally, have never talked about before.  I can normalize their experiences by telling them the same or similar experiences of my own, explain that they were touched by God and help them understand what the experiences mean.  Basically, because of my extreme view, I can help them and then they can go out and relate to “normal” people, something I am too “far out” to do.