Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Beautiful Thing

It is fun to watch the various ideas and feelings in myself and others, come and go.  Even things like the feelings of loss due to a friend’s passing, the death of a relative or outrage at the way people are treating our mother, the earth, incite passion for a while, to be replaced with a feeling of peace and well being, if we allow it. Ultimately, I generally come to the realization that everything is just fine in the universe as it is.   As I commented in the lodge tonight, “being human is a beautiful thing.”

Friday, July 5, 2013

Watering the Seed of Love

I have spoken of that seed of peace and love inside each of us, with numerous people.  When I mention it I generally also mention the compelling nature of the, often negative, events of the world we live in.  The people I mention it to always understand each, even when they are totally wrapped up in the events of this world, like the drama, strong negative emotions and even emotional pain, the “dark side”.  It is a beautiful thing to watch a person wake up to the presence of that seed and begin to “water it”, meaning act on it and begin to live it.  For me, helping that transformation take place, one person at a time, is my way of changing the world.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Seed of Love

I find the events of this world, like the drama, strong negative emotions and even emotional pain, are very compelling, though hollow and transient.  Those events draw me/us in and seem very real, even for me, having felt and lived with the reality of the other side.  Within each of us there is a seed of the peace and love of the other side.  When we find that seed and act on it, we know its truth and know its power, it feels right.  The trick for me is to continually turn my back on the compelling, but very transient, things of this world, and turn towards the peace and love in the eternity of the absolute.  It is my understanding that we are all learning to do that.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pre-dawn Ceremony

It seems that all around me, people are turning back to using drugs or alcohol and I am acutely aware that the normal state for an addict such as myself, is using, meaning that I need to maintain my various disciplines, if I wish to live the clean and sober life I live.  One of those disciplines is to get out of bed “before the chickens crow” to pray, meditate and feel that loving connection with the absolute, or God.  That particular discipline is fundamental to my life and way of thinking.  It is also, in many ways, the highlight of my day.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Identification With The True Self

I find it easy to identify with and attach to the material/physical aspects of this world, the money, power and prestige.  When I was young those aspects seemed real and worthy of pursuing.  As I get older and having achieved many of those things, I recognize them as hollow and transient, but I am still part of a culture that honors money, power and prestige.  I now identify with and pursue my sense of Self that transcends the material in favor of connecting with the unchangeable, formless absolute, love and/or God.  That sense is neither hollow, nor transient and is very real.  The only way that I have succeeded in “pursuing” that sense is to cease identifying with the material and be with the absolute, simply allow it.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Appreciation of the Present

When I walked out into my drive this afternoon, I could feel the tree’s anticipation of the coming rain, a wonderful experience.  It has been dry here for several months and I can also feel an increase in the moisture level, which precedes the rain. I do not have a bunch of attachments and desires which would distract me from sensing and appreciating the wonder of the present moment.  It is also apparent that the trees have some sort of consciousness and appreciation for the transient nature of things.