Friday, October 25, 2019

Power of Love

Today I have been contemplating the power of love evident in my life due, in part, to today’s recovery meeting which was about our experiences with the power of anger. When I began recovery I was hurt and angry, I am now happy and loving. What turned me around was the loving support from people around me. Before then I had been exposed to the anger and instructions of people trying to change my anger. Their approach did not work. Love did. My father went through a similar transition before he died, once again due to love. I attempt to facilitate change in the people I work through my connection, love and support which nourishes the seed and promotes the change needed.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Two Selves

Within my "higher" self I can walk through this life and knowing and feeling the love, peace and presence of the eternal reality that I have learned of through my spiritual exploration. I can and do see everything through this lense --- when looking as my higher self. I also exist as my regular, earthly, human, frail and a bit silly self. I have learned to treasure each. As my regular self I cry, grieve, get angry, perform ceremonies and ask God "What the f----". Each self is very real and vital, one is transient the other is eternal. It is important for me to honor and acknowledge each.

Sunday, October 20, 2019


This morning and early afternoon I found myself getting angry over little trivial things that normally would not bother me, a sign that I needed more rest, self-care and sorting time. I spent the rest of the afternoon doing all three and now feel much better. This morning I was particularly angry and impatient over the fact that people had a difficult time understanding me, a situation that normally does not bother me since that is normally the case. After napping, exercising and meditating I just sat doing nothing for a while, very restorative. I’m back to feeling patient and understanding, which I prefer.