Friday, September 13, 2019

Holistic Healing

Many years ago when I was unable to walk unaided, using crutches and talking with the leader of a workshop I was attending on mind-body healing, he told me to visualize walking for one week and then do it. My thought at the time was "it’s not that simple". It is now about thirty years later during which I have succeeded in doing something similar to what he suggested with many health problems and partially with my disability. I have learned that there are things one needs to do in order to heal. It seems to me that the body is very good at healing itself — if you can connect with it and convince it to do so, usually through meditation. There is/are generally one or more issues/reasons for the problem; sometimes simple pathology, sometimes attitudinal, sometimes both. The issues and reasons have to be addressed and overcome if one is to achieve healing. I am still working on that as far as my walking. Maybe I will succeed, maybe not but the journey is certainly entertaining!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Before 2006 I could "speak like the man in the six o’clock news", crisply, quickly and with authority. I was highly educated and experienced so people listened carefully to what I had to say. I also must admit that I judged and tended to dismiss people who did not speak quickly enough for me. Since that time, because of my disability, I talk very slowly, with poor enunciation and with great difficulty. I also notice that I am now one of the people that many people dismiss (irony and payback time)! This turn around gives me a much greater appreciation and understanding of people who do not present themselves the way I used to. I listen to all people with love and respect and realize they are all of value.

Monday, September 9, 2019


Today was a Monday so I did the weekly grocery shopping in the morning and exercised in the afternoon. During the afternoon I would work out for a while and then meditate for around half an hour, very enjoyable and a good pace for me. I tire easily so this pattern works for me. When I meditate I reach the "I am" portion of my higher self within a few minutes. Reaching that place used to take fifteen minutes of focus on the feeling of power, Love and the eternal nature of all things. When I reach that place I am also near the Absolute or God. "Man is separated from God, but secretly united to God; that is the prime fact of life, and all things in all creation speak of this separation, this incompleteness which has infected all." (Gilbert Kilpack)