Saturday, April 19, 2014

Small Quiet Voice II

In me, that “small, quiet voice within”, the God/love voice, is neither small or quiet, though it certainly used to be.  Many years ago, when that voice was small and quiet, I began paying attention to it and talking about it to others.  It was during that period that I realized that everyone knew what the “right” or loving thing to do was, they just didn’t always do it.  I came to realize that everyone had that “spark”, a piece of God/love within them.  In my case, the reason that voice has gotten louder and stronger is, as far as I can tell, because that is the internal voice that I attend to, that voice is my guide.  The voice of fear and ego is still there, but it is now fairly quiet and I tend not to pay much attention to it.

Friday, April 18, 2014

That Small, Quiet Voice

I work with the God/love “seed” or part within each of my clients.  All people (and other living things!) have that seed or part.  It is that part that recognizes and wishes to behave in a loving fashion, often called that “small, quiet voice within”.  When I connect with that part, magic happens, it’s often quite amazing.  I am reminded of the words of  Claremont deCastillejo when she wrote “rain will fall on the parched fields, and tears will turn bitter grief to flowering sorrow, while stricken children dry their eyes and laugh."  These same clients frequently have anti-social or negative tendencies, which is all most people perceive if they cannot connect with the God/love part.  When that is the only part they perceive, the results of their interactions are negative, as well.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Going With The Flow

For me, life has gotten very busy lately, so it would be easy for me to give up some of my devotional time or self-care, a tendency I need to guard against.  I have an increased client load, my correspondence with families has increased and I am making final preparations for a retreat I will lead at the end of this month.  Doing these things necessitates that I not resist what life has put in front of me and that I continue asking for support and guidance as well as continuing my prayer and meditation.  I also need to continue with things like exercise, eating carefully and sleeping enough.  Resisting requires time and energy, while accomplishing nothing.  Historically, though not recently, I have let these things slide in response to a busy life, with negative results.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Motivation For Change

As I say on my website, “Judgment, guilt, fear and shame have no place in a God conscious world”.  Being alive on earth is about growth and change, a wonderful process to be a part of and to observe.  That process certainly involves stress and difficulties, at times, but is still wonderful.  Love, compassion and understanding promote growth and change. While  judgment, guilt, fear and shame actually inhibit growth and change, though fear can, at times, cause short term changes in behavior which are needed at times, especially with children.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Strength Of Love

Typically love has been portrayed as weak and/or passive while the various forms of aggression are seen as active and/or strong.  It seems apparent that, of the two approaches, aggression is favored by the various forms of media.  Personally, I have never known aggression to come from a place of strength.  I have noticed aggression stem from attitudes of fear, hurt and shame, but not strength.  Love, on the other hand, can be quite strong and active.  I have very strong, passionate relationships and will go out of my way to support people I care about.  I care very deeply about the people I interact with and will act accordingly.  Also, people tend to not cross my boundaries, out of respect and understanding.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Power Of Love II

In the events that I summarized yesterday, it seems clear that the “seed” of God in me connected with that same seed in others, resulting in peace and healing.  On the other hand, in the past, when I projected ego, caution, fear or anger, the response was likely to be aggression of some sort.  The response I get, reflects what I project.  As in other people, I  have both potentials inside, and what I project depends on which one I develop and nurture. I would rather be a source of peace and healing, a very good reason for me to continue doing my prayer and meditation each morning.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Power Of Love

For the last several days, I have been reflecting on the fact that if I feel and project the love, respect and understanding that I find in the God place during any sort of interaction, then the fears, ego and potential aggression in the people around me just dissolve and go away, a very good example of the power of love to change things.  A rather dramatic example from my own life was several years ago when I was working in the locked ward of a mental health hospital.  One of the patients/clients who was a recovering meth addict, had escaped and was exhibiting some violence in the parking area of the facility.  It took three attendants to restrain him and bring him to an isolation room to talk with me.  I met with him alone  and projected love, respect and understanding.  He quickly calmed down and was fine, without any added medication or restraint.  I realize now that I had done none of the things that fear and my training would have led me to do such as not meeting with him alone or making sure that I had a clear, unobstructed escape route.  There have been numerous other, less dramatic, examples of the calming effect of love on potentially explosive interactions in my life, all examples of the power of love.