Friday, January 27, 2017

Being Of Service

I feel and am very aware of the love, light, joy and presence in everything I do and say and my environment in general. It’s a wonderful sense and it’s great to be immersed in that, very fulfilling. At the same time I struggle with what to do with that "knowing". All around me I see some people trying to find meaning in material, meaningless things. Other people are trying to find the sort of spiritual connection I talk about in my book, Three Simple Questions: Being In the World But Not Of It. I try to reach the people but my efforts fall short. I suspect that "way will be shown" - just not yet. Time to meditate.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


While attending a workshop on spiritual development this past weekend it became clear to me that there are certain activities that people consider spiritual (meditating, journaling, contemplating, etc.) and certain things they do not (work, household chores, child-care, etc.). The fact is that all activities are spiritual if the intent is there: "A man should receive God in all things and train his mind to keep God ever present in his mind, in his aims and in his love. Note how you regard God: keep the same attitude that you have in church or in your cell, and carry it with you in the crowd and in unrest and inequality.....In your acts you should have an equal mind and equal faith and equal love for your God.....If you were equal-minded in this way, then no man could keep you from having God ever present." (Meister Eckhart). I spent a good part of today sanding a mantle I am refinishing. While sanding I felt grateful, thanked the wood, honored its beauty and imperfections. That was a spiritual approach.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


I have a very strong connection to that loving force I call God. Jesus did too and a great deal stronger than my connection - but I’m working on it. He was also human as am I, which certainly complicates things. In my case I can sense and am very much aware of when I switch back and forth from the human to the divine parts of self. The divine is like a clear mountain stream, very loving and without ego desires or attachments. My human side is murky and riddled with ego desires and attachments. When acting and being the divine, the human part does not even exist. Acting out of the divine feeds my soul.

Monday, January 23, 2017


I feel a strong sense of peace and well-being while also expecting that we are approaching dark, troubling and difficult times. My sense of peace comes from my love of life, faith and trust in the beauty of eternity. I know that things will be just fine. Our president behaves just like a hurt, angry child and like any hurt, angry child he does not need more judgement and criticism. Judgement and criticism will not help anyone. Unconditional love might.


I just took a bath and feel very grateful that I was able to do so and that the other physical necessities, like warm clean water and a tub, were available to me. It strikes me that I could focus on the things I cannot do or have like I cannot take a shower since I am not that coordinated or putting deeper, hotter water in the bath which would be wasteful. Many years ago when I could not stand, unaided, and had been using crutches for a couple of years a person asked me the question "How can you be grateful, you cannot walk!?" and my response was "You cannot fly and it doesn’t bother you". My meaning then and now is that if I accept things the way they are, it is possible to be grateful.