Saturday, April 27, 2019


Sometimes I "know things I couldn’t possibly know and see things I couldn’t possibly see" which has gotten me in trouble before but can also be very useful. The ability could be called intuition, psychic ability, magic or just empathy but it has made some people angry and uncomfortable. As a result they have lashed out at me. Today I noted that I was using the same ability while working as a mentor, guide or therapist with someone. I could actually feel and know what they were describing about themselves and then help them in their own integration and understanding. The ability was part of my listening.

Friday, April 26, 2019


When I was a sophomore in high school I wrote a short story called "Only Children Play" in which the children were playing a competitive game which escalated to the point that one of the kids got his father’s gun and shot one of the other children. I see much the same thing going on in the world all around me. They are children needing love, guidance and boundaries. The trick as I see it, is how to love and support them while also constraining them to prevent them from hurting anyone. ".... We shall never succeed in stopping war until we have a human society permeated with persons who practice a way of life which removes and abolishes the grounds and occasions of war, and at the same time matures and ripens a spirit of mutual understanding and personal cooperation." (Rufus Jones)

Tuesday, April 23, 2019


As a typical greeting, just before my recovery meeting today the secretary inquired how I was doing to which I responded "very well". I then explained that my body was a wreck, that I was usually in some degree of pain and that my life was wonderful, so she could take her choice. As I explained at that time, "it’s a matter of focus". Over the years I have trained myself to focus on my wonderful life while the other conditions are certainly present and I can focus on them any time I want. My choice of focus does nothing to change reality but it does change the way I feel.

Monday, April 22, 2019


In my readings I encounter other authors who make a big deal over the worldly things they have had to give up in order to follow and adhere to their spiritual path. They write of a sense of hardship at not participating in those worldly things. I also choose to have a very simple life, avoiding many of the common distractions like fancy cars, expensive possessions, I-phones, social media outlets and sweet caffeinated drinks. I choose a simple life which does not interfere with my peace and joy. To me it is an obvious and easy choice — I do continue to enjoy the occasional cheeseburger or chocolate, just not often.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Spiritual Path

I am impressed by the apparent fact that, in my case, a strong spiritual connection requires constant maintenance and in this way my spiritual condition is very much like one of my gardens. Today, while tending my gardens I was amazed by how quickly the weeds take over and entropy sets in. Just as quickly I can become distracted by daily events or skip some of my daily practices, allowing my spiritual connection to slip away. My readings suggest the same is true for others as well. So far I have successfully avoided experiencing "dry" spiritual periods and I hope to continue!