Saturday, March 23, 2013

Increasing the Love

The father of a very close friend of mine almost died, was unconscious and on life support for several days.  People who were close to the father, or had been, came to his bedside from all over the world to be close and express their love for him.  The father then regained consciousness and is experiencing some degree of recovery.  In my case I also almost died a while back resulting in a great deal of love expressed and felt by the local recovery community and several others around the country whose lives I had touched.  Each instance served to increase the amount of love in the world, going along with the idea that the purpose of life is to “learn to give and receive love (Mother Teresa).

Friday, March 22, 2013

Feeling of Harmony

At my recovery meeting today the topic was “fear of economic insecurity”, and, more broadly, just fear of the loss of material things.  It was pretty widely acknowledged that the more material possessions and wealth a person has, the greater the fear of loss as well.  That pattern has certainly been true in my life and my way of verbalizing it was that “my possessions owned me”. At this point in my life and having been close to death more than once, I own very little, by American standards, and my future is not secure, yet I am at peace and enjoy my life.  I have a very strong connection with God and connection with the world around me every day.  I live within a bubble of love and feel that everything in my life is, and will be in total harmony, as long as I continue with my focus on those connections.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Going With The Flow

For the last several days. I have been re-learning a lesson that I have learned many times.  On this occasion I had my own tiredness and the trees expressing things to me like “it is what it is”, meaning just accept reality and don’t fight it or try to change it.  In my case I felt tired and like I was taking on too many challenges, while life kept presenting those challenges to me.  Then I had a light week, so I took it easy, thinking that was needed.  The rest did not help, meaning I felt just as tired and resistant to the challenges in life.  So I listened to the trees (so much for being superior!) and just accepted my challenges.  I felt instantly refreshed, and continue to as long as I focus on not resisting the flow of my life.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Connecting With a Tree

Today I spent some time connecting with and communicating with the large pinion pine just east of our home, a wonderfully peaceful experience.  I generally begin the process by telepathically greeting the plant or animal, projecting a feeling of love, telling it it’s wonderful, clearing my mind and then just listening.  The tree had a very simple, stable sort of consciousness/presence which it expressed through feelings, and I then attached my words to its feeling.  For example, I communicated my concern about moving to a lush environment and experiencing chaos rather than peace when connecting to the trees, similar to the way I feel in a large gathering of people, like at a party.  What came back from the tree was a feeling that I immediately interpreted as “don’t make us something we are not”, meaning that trees are not like people and that I will always find connecting with the trees and the outdoors in general to be a peaceful experience.  Simple and reassuring.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Love for All Things

I watched a movie called “Bless Me, Ultima” and in it the woman, Ultima, is a curandera or medicine woman.  I was struck by the realistic portrayal of love within the movie.  The love depicted was the love for our fellow men and all living things rather than the frilly, often transient, romantic love usually depicted in movies.  In the movie, she is very loving, though not always popular and the love shown in the movie is sometimes hard.  Ultima goes out of her way to be of service to others, and always acts lovingly, even when shunned.  Her love in the movie came from her strong belief in God and knowing that we are connected to everything and everyone.
In my own life I have found much the same, though right now I am surrounded by overwhelming approval and support, which is wonderful.  Always feeling and living within the selfless love that comes from God is not easy or frilly, it requires a strong commitment, focus and constant maintenance.  The result is a very fulfilling life that touches many people, well worth it.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Self Care

A day full of exercise, quiet introspection and sorting.  I have felt, but fortunately not expressed, some mild irritation in the last few days, a typical sign that I needed some “self care” days.  I cannot truly listen to others and be present for them unless I pay attention to my own needs.  My feeling is that the others I work with are worth more than that.  I need to be complete for them.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Internal Versus External Changes

During the earlier part of my life, perhaps the first forty seven years, I kept making changes in the externals of my life, in an attempt to feel better about myself.  For example, I got very good at fishing, went fishing a lot and made my own fishing equipment or I learned about raising fish and started a small business by raising African Cichlids.  Another good example is that I read a lot of books, got a Ph.D. and kept moving up the academic ladder.  These changes, and a whole host of other things, were supposed to make me happy.  They did not.
More recently, the last decade or so, I have focused on making internal changes.  For example, I have stopped using guilt, shame, criticism and judgements of myself and the world around me.  Another, related, example, is that I have increased my internal feelings of love, compassion, acceptance and gratitude.  These internal shifts required that I change my world view and view of myself, but also resulted in profound changes in the way I felt about myself.  I now love and enjoy myself and my life, which is still notable to me since my external situation is not very good.  I am disabled, can no longer do many of the things I used to, am sixty-four, getting older, in pain much of the time and a recovering alcoholic.  I am also extremely happy.