Saturday, December 1, 2018


Today I just performed my normal daily activities and was an example of being grateful, unattached, present and flowing free through life. I serve as an example to the seen and unseen entities I work with and contact. I certainly have daily challenges, more than some, less than others, that add texture to my passage through life but I live with them and am grateful for the rest. Today I went to a recovery meeting, exercised, talked to people I mentor, cooked and ate — not bad. "The happiness we discover in life is not about possessing or owning or even understanding. Instead, it is the discovery of this capacity to love, to have a loving, free and wise relationship with all of life. Such love is not possessive but arises out of a sense of our own well-being and connection with everything." (Kornfield)

Friday, November 30, 2018


Tonight during meditation I was focusing on that powerful, overwhelming feeling of unconditional Love when the words I read from Richard Pries many years ago flashed through my mind: "Nothing [worldly] matters very much and very few things matter at all". I identify that wonderful feeling of Love with God and eternity. I just sat with that awareness and feeling for a while. I find it very comforting that the various forms of money, power and prestige which I encounter daily have little or no long lasting value. When going through my day I sometimes ask myself "would I care about this if I were on my deathbed", especially if some trivial thing seems important to me.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Lack Of Understanding

Today during my meditation and contemplation I was continuing my exploration of my lack of understanding I began to write about yesterday. As I stated, I do not understand the spirit world or reality in general. I am, however, aware of my very human tendency to make believe that I understand something if I can label and categorize it. This is a very dangerous tendency since it can result in stopping my open exploration and discarding things that do not fit my categorization, thus distorting my view. For example, I have used and heard others refer to "old souls" as a categorization when I understand that there are only differences in souls regardless of age. These differences result from different experiences and result in different understanding but do not fit nicely into simple categories. "My personal experiences as a medium have proved to me that God exists, heaven and the Other Side exist, souls are immortal, we can communicate with souls, and we will be reunited with our love ones on the Other Side. I’ve also come to understand there is no hell, although there are multiple levels on the Other Side and reincarnation." (Mark Anthony)

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


It is clear to me that I do not understand the spirit world or reality in general and I am not sure that matters beyond knowing that my present concept is not correct. The reason this comes up for me is that I want to be as effective as possible in my dealings with spirits. At one point in 1988 I was removed briefly from the space-time continuum as I knew it, thus making it obvious that my concept was overly simplistic and incorrect. Similarly, other people and I have had out-of-body experiences, making it clear that consciousness is not necessarily connected with the brain or any other part of the body. I wonder if I need to know more but also assume that if needed, I will be shown. "Reality is only partly our invention; it is also partly our discovery. Our task is to discover how much and in what areas which is which; and then to determine how much new freedom this gives us and what we can do with it". (Lawrence LeShan)

Monday, November 26, 2018


Tonight I had an especially strong meditation and connection with the Loving and healing presence I know as God. I focused on being within a bubble of Love. I reflected on the fact that I am so much more than I ever thought I could be and so can everyone else. I make daily efforts to pass on what I have discovered and I encourage spirits to do the same. "The unending yearnings of the human spirit are satisfied by nothing that can be measured, seen, heard or touched. To focus selfishly on anything in the created order is to be restricted and thus to fall that far short of full freedom." (Thomas Dubay, S. M.)

Sunday, November 25, 2018


We had a meeting of our reading group today and the topic was community and connection, that wonderful feeling of presence and being connected to everything and everybody in a group. Some spoke of it as feeling "home". Since it is a Quaker reading group that feeling was talked about as being present during meetings for worship or Quaker business meetings. When I spoke I commented that I had experienced that feeling in a variety of settings. The feeling of community is open to anyone who is willing to put their own ego aside and have the necessary discipline to love and respect everyone.