Friday, August 16, 2013

Staying On My Path

I was reminded today of just how important it is to approach living, growth and change from a position of awareness, willingness and truth.  It is very easy for any of us to stray off any sort of spiritual or life path due to some sort of distortion in our thinking, usually due to something internal.  Personally, I have two people that I continually who keep me on my path.  For example, the use of any sort of mind-altering drug, whether prescribed or illegal, can cause severe distortions in thinking.  Another example is that any sort of traumatic event in a person’s past can also cause a distortion in current day attitudes and behaviors.  A trusted teacher or guide can help a person navigate through the distortions, pointing them out and making suggestions.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


I went to the healer I go to monthly today, a hands on medical intuitive.  He works on me for two hours with a healing touch capable of making physical changes.  When I do healing touch on others or assist him while he works on me, I work with energy and know nothing of any physical changes that take place, though some do occur.  He has a great deal of knowledge and experience concerning the physical condition of the body and he specifically targets physical change.  Personally, I am overcoming or have overcome several physical problems/conditions that traditional western medicine could not help me with, using the healing touch of each of us, combined with meditation, visualization and traditional health techniques.
Today, while meditating and assisting him energetically, I became aware of a small part of me that still considers my disability and speech impediment to be safe and dependable, a known value as opposed to what would happen if I had neither.  When I encountered that, I successfully released it.  On my way to healing, I have gone through that process repeatedly, with the result of allowing for more healing to take place.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Zoning II

I encounter my “Self” while zoning each morning. As various mystics and spiritual leaders have said, that Self is timeless, beginningless, endless, one with everything, formed of love and connected to the force that most would call God.  It is a wonderful feeling and a great way to start the day.  On most days, I can carry that feeling with me and interact with the world from that knowing.  Occasionally, but often enough to remind me of my humanity, I get pulled away from being Self and start reacting to the world around me in a fear based way, a very fine reminder of who I want to be.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I read over my past entries and I think thoughts like “Who wrote this?” or “How did I become this person?”.  The fact is that I know the things that I write to be true, from my own experience and from having read the same things from various mystics and spiritual leaders over the past centuries.  One of the questions that comes up is “what if I don’t believe all of this” and my response is “That is fine, but it alters nothing, reality does not change”.
During my period of prayer and meditation each morning, one of the meditative techniques I use, which I call “zoning”, is to first relax and then focus on the feeling of “I am” and being in the “God place”.  I maintain that focus and then suddenly realize that time has passed, sometimes as much as three hours.  I know that I receive information during those times, though I usually do not know what.  I sense that is when I get much of the information that I refer to in the previous paragraph.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Finding Meaning

I was struck several times today by just how hollow, transient and meaningless it is to identify with the physical body and this limited existence.  I remember well the years of various activities like going to work, fixing special meals, holidays and socializing, basically trying to find depth and meaning in the meaningless.  My culture and up-bringing taught me to look to these things for meaning.  In my conversations today and in the past I noticed people being puzzled by the fact that they were doing these various activities and yet found no meaning in them.  I could certainly identify!  I now identify with what I call the “empty fullness” of the “I am” that preceded this body and will exist after it.  Within the “I am” I now feel the peace, love and connectedness that I was looking for.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


I am often in decent sized groups (10-12) talking about my own spiritual experiences that cannot be readily explained by science as we know it, today.  Within those groups, I am often surprised by the high frequency of similar experiences in other people.  Things like out-of-body consciousness, near-death experiences, experiences of being outside of the time/space continuum or simply the experience of being protected.  Keeping in mind both Ockham’s razor (the simplest explanation is usually the right one) and the approach that I was given years ago of “treasure your exceptions”, it seems that this existence is not as simple and linear as we would like.  Understanding is not required.