Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Unconditional Love

Through my connection with God, I have learned a great deal more about love, particularly unconditional love.  Within the unconditional love of God it does not seem to matter if I curse God, am apathetic, do self-destructive things or question God’s very existence - the love is still there.  I seek to do the same, to have my love be selfless.  One of the people I work with is/was angry with me, and let me know it.  While he talked to me, I felt nothing but a strong love for him and explained that I said what I said out of love for him and strictly for his welfare.  The whole exchange was a bit strange, but he seemed to understand.  I do enjoy the interactions more when people like me, but I don’t let that alter my behavior.  It is about them, not me.

Enlightenment & Mastery

Enlightenment and mastery are concepts based on duality, and within the absolute they have no meaning.  These concepts, helpful as they can be, are based on judgments, ego and separateness, which is why I choose not to use them.  These concepts represent parts of myself that I would rather not encourage, parts that separate me from others.  I much prefer the feeling of being part of the “oneness” of all things.
Within the absolute there are different levels of awareness for different souls or essences but they are all also part of the greater whole or God.  God and they are all one within the isness. but there is only isness.  Things simply are or they are not.  I can’t say that I completely grasp the ideas that I just expressed, I am too wrapped up in duality!  Understanding is not required.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Pain as a Signal

Pain, to me, is an indication that things are not right, a signal that something could be different and result in less pain.  I have had a great deal of pain during the last twenty five years which did bring me much closer to God, as Catholicism maintains, and, through God, I did encounter a very powerful source of physical healing.  Now, having gone through what I went through, my connection with God continues to get stronger while the pain has subsided and, much of the time, is no longer there.  The pain was a good indication of what was wrong in my life, physical healing has taken place and continued pain has no value.  In my case I needed to make use of the medical profession for some things and then learn to turn away for others, a process of choice which required considerable guidance.  Generally, if the pain lessened and physical healing took place, I knew I had made the right choice.  I also needed to investigate and then turn away from my own tendency toward self-deprecation.  I then needed to turn towards compassion, love and God.  When I clear away my own blocks, then turn to compassion, love and God there can be physical and emotional healing.  The pain then dissipates and/or  vanishes.