Friday, May 31, 2019

Infused Prayer

I have enjoyed the comments and observations of Thomas Dubay, S. M. when he wrote of infused prayer that it involved an "Immersion in God [which] entails a being filled with Him, a divine inflowing". He also stated that depth of connection with the divine was a gift, not the result of individual’s practice, a view also held by the modern Quaker Thomas Kelly. In my experience that level of connection requires almost constant devotion, but is well worth the effort. It feels fulfilling and has changed my life.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019


At this point I have self healed many physical problems (malfunctioning heart valve, five cysts, one cancerous/pre-cancerous lesion, a lung problem, a prostate problem, an under-performing thyroid) and partially healed my disability. Having completely healed so many problems, I wonder why it is only partial with my disability. It could be that my disability is still useful in terms of being of service. It could also be that I am resisting healing. I can only stay open to all possibilities and continue to work on it.

Monday, May 27, 2019


My understanding is that current, day-to-day events are not illusory but temporal. The daily events each of us are involved in are very real but we do have more control of them than we generally think. For example, when I talk to the doctor about my various conditions I am told that what I do is impossible since it does not fall within the reality they learned in medical school. My challenge is to fully expand and develop my potential while staying within God’s Love and guidance. "Reality is only partly our invention; it is also partly our discovery. Our task is to discover how much and in what areas which is which; and then to determine how much new freedom this gives us and what we can do with it". (Lawrence LeShan)

Sunday, May 26, 2019


I am not religious in any way, yet I feel great joy in conducting my everyday affaires within the presence of the Divine. I live and "walk" within the light, knowing that presence in everything and everyone. This position is often difficult for me since I view current events both from a temporal, worldly perspective and from an eternal, loving perspective as well. "To cast their distinction into contemporary terminology, we might say that in the transforming union the person perceives in his profound center a peaceful, gentle awareness that the Trinity is continually present....... A person is able to attend to the indwelling Trinity and yet carry on the ordinary business of daily life." (Thomas Dubay, S. M.)