Friday, March 8, 2013

The Importance of Love

I had two clients and one phone interaction with some parents today.  I made a very strong loving connection with each of them.  The parents are well off and very conservative, while I am quite a bit left of left and decidedly not well off.  It was quite apparent with the parents that my socioeconomic status means nothing in the presence of love and compassion, especially when it comes to their son.  My clients were young adult males and they too listen to me because they know I love and respect them.  I am not the person I used to be, this would not have happened to him.

Levels of Change

I have gone through a lot of personal changes in the last several years, and I certainly realize how difficult some changes are, particularly changes in deep, core values.  The toughest changes for me have been around supposedly “incurable” health issues and my own power to heal them, using love and the healing power of God.  Through the process, I have come to realize and take part in, an immense source of power.  I now use that power and am with it daily.
I have encountered three “levels” that all need to shift if a change is to take place.  I have found that I can influence each of the three levels, using love, understanding and compassion.  If I try to force my will on any of the levels out of fear, which I have done, I fail.  The three levels are; the personal level, the level of what is usually called the collective consciousness and the karmic or soul level.  They all need to shift for a change to take place.  At the personal level there are beliefs such as unworthiness, incapability, attachment and need that have caused me to stay stuck in old patterns of behavior that cause me emotional or physical pain and difficulty.  For example, my believing what the doctors say or depending on medication.  These beliefs are actually comforting, but they also hold me back, and are very difficult to change.
The level of the collective consciousness is, in many cases, the easiest level to change but it does require a lot of patience, forcing it does not work.  I have found this level to be less “gut wrenching”, than the other two.  Basically, if the collective consciousness is that the desired change is totally out of reach and a matter of denial or fantasy, then the force of that collective belief will make the change impossible or very difficult or impossible.  For example, in my case, I need and needed to change the general belief that I will simply deteriorate and die.
The third level that needs to change is the soul or karmic level, which, I have found, can only be addressed through meditation and/or intuition.  There are issues, at a soul level, that I am trying to learn or transcend.  I have found that I need to address these issues, before I can move on to the next set of issues.  For example, in my case, I needed to accept my alcoholism and the fact that my body was not perfect, that I was not “less of a man” because of either of these factors.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Simplicity of Love

“It’s really pretty simple isn’t it!” and I just said “Yes”.  Today, someone asked me a question, I gave them a simple, straightforward response and that was their reaction to my suggestion.  The fact is that a love-based response is generally very simple and direct.  As opposed to a fear-based response which is often highly intellectual and convoluted.  For example, simply saying “I’m sorry, I’ll try to do differently next time” rather than giving a long explanation, which, in fact, dilutes the apology.
I understand that this principle of the simplicity of love explains Mary Magdalen’s response and attitude toward Jesus.  She felt his love and simply worshiped and adored him.  Her feelings toward him were pure and simple, regardless of whatever took place in her past, as were his feelings toward her.  She also realized that there was no need for her forgiveness since within love there is no judgement or criticism.  I, too, have felt and feel that love, as have many others.  On the other hand, the apostles and many other followers have complicated the message and feeling with various rules, explanations and judgements.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I went to the Social Security office today, since I have been getting mail about “open enrollment” and “supplemental insurance” and I was assuming that I was approaching some sort of a change in my benefits and I wanted to find out what.  It turns out that the only change I am approaching is turning sixty five.  So, as I have witnessed before, my brain can come up with all sorts of negative, fear based stories and I am better off not making assumptions!
After going to the S.S. office, I went to a used book store and while there, something told me that I should go to my recovery meeting early and wait in the parking lot since someone else was coming early to talk with me.  Very strange, but I listened and acted accordingly.  The message was correct and I had a very good connection with another person.  This increase sensitivity is a lot of fun, I just need to listen..