Saturday, May 10, 2014


Recently, during a recovery meeting, I mentioned the importance of eliminating the things in my life that detract from feelings of balance and serenity, including; caffeinated beverages, tobacco products, drugs/alcohol, gambling, porn, judgmentalism, television and other things I tend to do in excess.  It’s not that these things are inherently bad, in my case, they simply block my connection with God and my feelings of peace and love.  I have learned, over time, that I feel and act in a more loving and compassionate manner if I eliminate them from my life, a matter of discipline and choice.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Free Will

My view of the various potential outcomes for the human race on this planet is not exactly optimistic, but I do realize that long-term the earth and its inhabitants, including humans, will be fine.  There is no question that, as a species, we are doing things on this planet that could readily result in unpleasant consequences for up to several centuries.  It now seems that, similar to my own pattern, in spite of numerous warnings and chances to make wiser choices, at least some of those negative consequences will come to pass, how much is up to us.  It seems to be a matter of free will.  I am reminded of the words of Sylvia Fraser, when she wrote “We as a species seem to have been created as vessels of consciousness.  Apparently, the deeper, spiritual journey is not requested of us but demanded, with the stakes being higher than earthly happiness and perhaps even life and death.”

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Over the years, I have used a number of techniques to, first restore and now maintain my chi or energy flow, for the purposes of physical health and a feeling of harmony.  Many years ago, I did not sleep well, had high blood pressure, was an active alcoholic, led a self-destructive life and had numerous physical problems.  At that time I stopped drinking, began Tai-chi, started exploring the benefits of  unconditional love, began acupuncture and started going to a chiropractor.  Basically, I realized that my life was going in the wrong direction, and shifted my course.  As a result of that shift I now sleep well, have low blood pressure, lead a life of service and love and, other than my disability, I am in good physical shape.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Seeking Guidance

Recently, following the advice of my wife, I had a talk with Jesus which some would call prayer and meditation.  I felt the need for some specific support and guidance, which I got.  The difference between what I did on this occasion and the prayer and meditation that I normally do was that I specifically asked to talk with Jesus.  My concern was that I would abuse or in some self-centered way take advantage of the knowledge, power and gifts I had been given, something I considered a very real possibility.  I encountered a very understanding, compassionate presence and was assured that would not happen.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Recently, I was referred to as an “optimist” because I commented that humans were capable of achieving a world of peace.  The person I was talking to thought I was suggesting that we would avoid such outcomes as wars or climate change, which is not what I meant.  I suspect that wars and climate change will happen, along with very possible dire consequences.  I simply know that we humans have it within us to avoid those dire consequences.  I also know that whatever outcome happens, will be fine, though I do not know what form that will take. I  realize that it is possible for humans to “wake up”, as happened in my case, possibly before extinction of the species or destruction of the planet.  Personally, I will continue to do everything I can in order to help achieve a world of peace.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Natural Bias

Many years ago, while reading the words of  various mystics and spiritual leaders, I became aware that they each had biases and that some of their information reflected those biases.  They “filtered” their information.  Which, of course, is just fine.  At this point, I receive much of my information through meditation and contemplation, and I try to remain neutral and bias free, allowing for a complete and unaltered set of information.  However, I also realize that I continue to have biases and filter my information, in spite of my efforts. As I said yesterday, I simply do the best I can, and stay as open and unattached as possible.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Different Choices

Rather than judging others or myself for the choices I make on a daily basis, it is important for me to realize that the various choices are not better or worse, but different.  The different choices are simply a matter of free will.  I don’t mean that the choices do not have consequences for this life, or the next, they clearly do.  Every choice I make, no matter how small, has an impact on myself and everything around me, which is why I am careful to make choices based on love.  I make an effort to recognize that I simply do the best I can, as does everyone else.