Monday, July 4, 2016


I will be moving across the country and off-line for a week or so.  Be at peace.

Acting Out Of Love

Several times today I found myself in the situation of having other people express their fear and sadness because of our moving. I then found myself describing how wonderful it was that Maria and myself were simply responding to a spiritual calling to be in the east carrying the message of love, peace and spirit. I keep thinking of the words of Williamson; "If you can rise above the fear in your life and live the love within you, and if I can rise above my fear and live the love in me-----if that drama is reenacted enough times by enough of the world’s people-----then we will pierce the cosmic darkness and tip the world in the direction of light." That is my goal.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Following a Spiritual Calling

I was the main speaker in my recovery meeting this morning and I spoke of my love for the people in Flagstaff, gratitude for my experiences here and following my spiritual "calling" to go back east to Maryland. People in the meeting spoke meaningfully and understandably of the fact that they will miss me and the impact I have had on them here, all true and I do not wish to detract from that. There was little, but some, talk of the importance of following a spiritual calling. I find it quite remarkable and commendable that Maria and I are following a calling at our ages, and, for each of us, in spite of physical difficulties.