Saturday, January 18, 2020


I notice some time ago that when I thought about someone I would be acutely aware of the things they were not doing for their own lives or recovery, then when I was with the same person I felt only love for them and had only constructive thoughts which depended on their interests, not mine.  I would let them know if I saw a problem only if they asked.  In other words, I “set the bar” according to them.  Today I realized that my thoughts of them were purely a projection of thoughts of myself, that I set that bar high for me — not them.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020


Last night I had several dreams in which I was faced with situations which I needed to accept and I found unacceptable.  They were situations I could not change so for my own peace of mind I needed to accept and live with them even if I did not like it.  This morning I meditated about what in my life was hard for me to accept and, as usually happens, the answer came quickly.  I need to accept that many people are not interested or willing to do the work I have done and continue to do in order to change their live’s.  Their live’s are not that unpleasant.  Mine was, and that is the only reason I am willing.

Monday, January 13, 2020

My Recovery

I have been reflecting on the fact that I am very exhaustive and thorough in my approach to recovery and have reaped many benefits as a result.  I attend some sort of recovery meeting four days a week and meetings for worship on two days, leaving only one day without a meeting of some sort.  I am also of service to several people and I get up every night to pray and meditate for one to three hours.  I keep this journal and read spiritual literature every day.  I would not expect others to do the same as me but I do make recommendations.  I now have a wonderful life which I would like to share.