Saturday, June 28, 2014


The greeting “Namaste” is a wonderful way of acknowledging and encouraging the Divine or love seed within each of us.  Personally, I seldom use the greeting, preferring instead to simply carry that knowledge and attitude in everything I do, often unspoken.  I enjoy the sensation of carrying that feeling and I am delighted to observe the effect on others.  The other day I was in a car stopped by a policewoman who only gave us a warning and was relaxed and friendly, I suspect as a result of that attitude.  If we live out of that part of each of us, it changes things in a very positive direction, a win-win scenario.

Friday, June 27, 2014


It disturbs me when people do not believe me.  They think that I am inauthentic and that I cannot possibly really believe or know the things I say.  But then, as mother Teresa said “it was never about them anyway”.  I have no idea why I have been shown or experienced what I have, other than I will cooperate and listen, meaning I will “pass it on”, which is the loving thing to do.  Fear would have me keep it all to myself, which appears to be safer and easier, but will benefit no-one.
Meanwhile, the vast majority of people respond positively to my presence because of the God or love that I carry with me.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Love Seed

When we witness videos of loving acts on TV or internet, it touches that God or love seed in each of us.  There is a strong feeling of connection and “rightness” about it, a feeling that can be very intense or even overwhelming at times.  Without us having that seed, witnessing such acts would not have that impact.  Personally, I consider it vital to nurture that seed and to carry it with me, in my awareness, throughout the day, a procedure that changes my perceptions and interactions all during the day.  I love my life!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

God Or Love Seed

I now know that each of us has that God or love seed inside of us, and so I’m aware of how much potential is inside each of us.  It is both worrisome and wonderful to know it’s there while watching as many humans make negative choices which harm each other or the earth that supports us.  As with me, my clients and others I contact, it is truly wonderful that each of us sense what the loving choice is, the choice that generally feels “right” and will increase the integrity of the universe.  As far as I can tell, I always make that choice.  As I said, it is also worrisome since on so many occasions people choose the more negative option which seems to require less discipline and appears to be easiest.  Making the loving choice is something we are growing towards.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Being Of Service

At the present time, I spend the majority of my life being of service with no thought of a return.  This feels vital to me.  Being partially retired, I have the time and resources that permit this sort of life.  Sometimes I get some sort of compensation and often not, which seems to make no difference.  I used to feel that I needed to guard against people taking advantage of me, a feeling that dropped away as I felt more secure with a loving approach to life and got better at self-care and boundaries.  I now ask myself frequently “is this a gift freely given?”, if the answer is yes, I go ahead.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Achieving Freedom

June 22, 2014
During most of my life I wondered “what I would do when I grew up”, meaning that there was always something missing from being me, I did not feel complete.  Within the last decade, though I am clearly not done, I have achieved the feeling of being complete.  The completion process has been a complex one and is outlined within my website.  The process is summarized nicely by the comment of Dubay: “The unending yearnings of the human spirit are satisfied by nothing that can be measured, seen, heard or touched. To focus selfishly on anything in the created order is to be restricted and thus to fall that far short of full freedom.”  The process has been a lot of work and involved a lot of prayer and meditation.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Being Grateful

As M. Nepo points out, particularly with Polynesians, indigenous people frequently sense the life force and our connection with all things.  As he points out, a person has to slow down, release their various distractions and listen in order to sense it.  At one point about a year ago, I was sitting quietly while communicating with a tree and lamenting its hard life and difficult location.  The sense or message I got back from the tree was “it is what it is”, a valuable take away message.  The tree was accepting what life had to offer.  Like that tree, during my life, I have been given many gifts and I also have many challenges (gifts in disguise!).  I find that it works best to just be accepting and grateful.