Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Dream of Healing

Several days ago I had a dream/meditative vision that I was with a bunch of people and in the presence of a friend of mine in a coma from a serious accident.  He was in a bed in a coma and I was with him, while the others were near by, but not with us.  In the dream I was touching his hand and I performed a healing with him.  At that point of the dream, he opened his eyes and began to get well.  In real life, a day or two later he was moved from Phoenix back up to Flagstaff and given a few days to live.  Until today, I kept wondering if I should go to him and do a healing.  Then, after the meeting this morning another friend approached me and said that he wanted to talk about a vivid dream he had just had.  It was the same dream!  I took that as my answer about whether I should go, so I did.  I performed the healing and it was exactly like in the dream - except he did not open his eyes or begin to get well.  I just knew I needed to fulfill my part.  The rest is not up to me.  It was quite apparent to me that it was important for me to see my  friend and perform the healing.  The reasons for my actions are a mystery to me. As I have learned about such things “Understanding is not required”.

Friday, August 3, 2012


We had a sweat lodge tonight for someone returning from a vision quest and, at the end of the lodge, she spoke of her experience.  She was disappointed because the vision quest was not spectacular enough for her and there were several things during the quest that she did not have access to, though she tried.  I suggested that it was just the higher powers way of saying “you are not going to do this”.  I have gotten the same message many times.  As a result, I tend to accept any circumstance as just right the way it is, and not strive to achieve some additional goal that I set my sights on.  Setting my sights on some additional goal adds stress and takes me out of the moment.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


The meeting today was about tolerance or, as several people suggested, compassion, which has less of a tendency to imply superiority.  Compassion is one of those things that I have been granted or given, without striving for it.  It just seems like a less stressful and more loving approach to life's situations, though that never occurred to me before,  We are all involved in the human condition which means that we all have human flaws.  It feels much better for everyone if we have compassion for ourselves and each other.  I am reminded of a time this spring when a large, junker, pickup truck rear-ended me, causing considerable damage to my vehicle, none to his, and no injuries.  He was distressed at having caused the accident so I comforted him, putting my own stress aside and pointed out that no one was hurt and it was just an inconvenience.  My actions and words changed nothing but certainly made the situation less unpleasant for all, including the police who handled the call.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Holistic Healing Using Love

This morning I traveled down to Oak Creek Village to get worked on by a Medical Intuitive/Psychic Healer.  I was diagnosed with Cerebellar Degeneration in 1988.  At that point, I was told by several doctors at major hospitals that I would never get better and would continue to get worse.  Also at that point I had been getting noticeably worse for about twenty years and very rapidly worse for the prior six months.  I have gotten quite a bit better since then, contrary to what I was told would happen.  My disability stopped getting worse and started getting better the week I began practicing things like unconditional love, meditation, visualization and energy work.  I have never noticed my disability (primarily balance and coordination) getting worse, though I have had other problems.

I have also been dealing with what the neurologists call a dystonia since early 2006.  The dystonia got quite a bit worse late in 2010.  The dystonia is a major spasticity in my jaw which makes it very difficult to talk or chew.  It also causes me to bite my tongue and cheeks.  The biting used to be several times a day and is now every couple of weeks.  I used to not be able to relax my jaw at all.  It was in constant motion, even when trying to sleep.  Now it is relaxed except when eating or talking.  Once again, the medical profession could do nothing to help the dystonia beyond offering me palliative pain medication, Botox and muscle relaxants.  Also once again, I used alternative techniques, more intensely and added the healer mentioned above.  The results have been positive but not immediate.

For obvious reasons, I now believe in the mind-body connection and the power of love and connection to heal.  I would be silly not to.  I have also taught these techniques to several others, with similar results.