Saturday, October 26, 2013

New Beginnings

We had our last lodge at this location tonight.  The theme of the lodge, determined by the first stone brought in, was “new beginnings”, a very appropriate theme since we will move to another location soon and a new chapter will begin.  Several people in the lodge expressed sadness and gratitude.  Gratitude for what the lodge has meant for them and sadness that it was the last lodge.  As I mentioned in the lodge, the sadness is good to feel, but it is best to also celebrate the new beginning.
I understand, through meditation, that it is important to realize that the love, growth and relationships within the lodge, had an impact that went beyond the lodge.  That impact will not change with the ending of the lodge.  It is simply time to move on.

Friday, October 25, 2013

A New Perspective

The central topic in the recovery meeting I attended today was “gratitude”.  As I indicated in that meeting, I find it easy to be grateful when my life is going smoothly and things turn out the way I prefer.  However, that is usually not what happens and I still find myself profoundly grateful for the wonderful life I lead, due largely to my change in perspective, away from the material and towards the non-material/eternal, over the last several years.
Years ago I was young, very strong and appeared to be in good shape.  I was also well respected in my field of study, had been invited to speak at prestigious universities and asked to prepare a summary for “Important Men in Science”.  My wife and I were both working, so we had material success and security.  These were all things that I was taught would result in happiness.  I was also an active alcoholic and miserable.  Now, I have none of the things I just mentioned.  I am sixty-five, disabled, lead a relatively obscure life and my wife does not work outside of the home so we get by on what I make.  In short, I have no security.  I am also very happy since I have daily connections and many loving relationships.  I realize that material things mean next to nothing, and place my emphasis on the non-material.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Having Asked

Many years ago I prayed to see people and events the way that God does.  Since then, I have had numerous experiences of being in what I call the “God Place”, primarily during meditation.  While in the God place I feel a strong sense of the absolute, a feeling of love, connectedness, understanding and compassion.  I now see and understand people and events with a great deal of clarity and feel an over whelming sense of love, respect and compassion towards those people and events at the same time.  For myself I truly see that I am a “work in progress”, wonderfully human and a perfect “Charlie”, all at the same time.  I see and feel the same for others.  Having asked, I can do no less.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Focus On Love & Connection

A good day.  Before the day began I decided to carry out the day’s numerous activities while keeping in mind the importance of  love, connection, compassion and understanding as my main mission.  My day began with a phone call and connection to a family member of a client of mine, a very positive experience.  I next completed my dealings with the car rental outfit and the company doing the body-work on my car, both positive since I kept my focus on love, connection, compassion and understanding.  I then attended a session with the healer I use, once again keeping my focus on love, connection, compassion and understanding.  When I returned, I met with a sponsee and, once again, had a good connection and interaction.  I finished out the day by doing some continuing preparation for the coming move.  Mission accomplished!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Love Based

I comment on my website about the brain’s activity, thinking, being fear based, as opposed to the absolute or “I am”, which I access through meditation and service work, being love based.  Today in particular, and recently in general, I have had numerous opportunities to see the difference in others and experience that difference in myself.  The difference is most notable as the feelings I get while connecting with someone or during my period of prayer and meditation in the morning versus the feelings I get while filling out the paperwork needed for the coming move.  The choice is obvious.  I much prefer the love based feelings!

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Next Right Thing

I am aware of two main issues going on in my life right now.  The first is physical and relatively simple.  The fact is that I am sixty-five and disabled, both of which impose limits on my physical endurance and abilities.  Maria, of course, has her own limitations, which I need to respect, as well.  We are planning to move within the next couple of weeks and there are many tasks that must be completed.  I need to complete my share of the tasks while staying within my limitations, a challenging balance.
The second issue is new territory for me.  As I have indicated, I am relatively detached from all of the necessary surveys, signings, negotiations and procedures that accompany house selling and buying.  I am attempting to pay attention to the procedures that require my attention, while relying on our real estate agent to take care of most things, an exercise in trust and faith.
I am attempting to just keep doing the next right thing, with these issues in mind.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Spiritual Practices

Largely due to the meditation and contemplation portions of my spiritual practices I have come to realize many things about myself and life in general, many of which I mention in my website.  One big realization is that I no longer identify with the transient, vapor like events of the physical plane, but rather the unborn, absolute, eternal nature of the spiritual plane.  One of the larger, related, changes in my attitude, which I have been acutely aware of recently, is that I now face the changes in life with love, peace and gratitude rather than fear and anxiety.  This is a large change in attitude, for which I am very grateful.