Thursday, January 31, 2013

Asking for Help

I generally present a “blank slate’ to people I interact with, meaning that I am essentially neutral about most things.  I enjoy life a great deal but I do not carry around the emotional baggage that I used to, quite a relief.  I also laugh, chuckle and smile a lot when interacting because I feel a great deal of joy at experiencing or witnessing the human condition.  Whenever I either laugh or simply present the blank slate I am impressed by what people can and do project on to me!  I am also impressed by how tenaciously they hold on to the belief that their perceptions are accurate.  They tend not to realize that their perceptions reflect nothing about me.  For example, I routinely ask for and rely on the help of others each day, it’s part of being connected and the joy of life.  However, on the occasions that I turn down help that is offered, for some reason, the potential helper often concludes that I have an issue with allowing someone help me.  I used to try to convince them otherwise but now I just let it go.
I am reminded of an occasion years ago, when a little boy of about three struggled to open and then hold a door for me.  I was using crutches at the time.  The look on his face expressed such joy at being able to help.  His mother was amazed!  As one of the principles of attitudinal healing says “giving and receiving are the same”.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Connection With Trees

Today, when I left my garage, on the way to my house, the juniper just outside the garage “said” hi to me.  It did this by wafting me with its scent and sending a vibrational greeting.  It has done this before, many times, but it does not do it during the winter months, when it is dormant.  Its action is a very nice reminder that spring is here.  The birds have also announced this by singing their spring songs.  The chipmunks are also very active and playful.

When I went out back tonight, the first thing I noticed was how humid it felt, unusual for Flagstaff.  There is a possibility of rain.  I then noticed a very strong feeling of the trees waiting for and anticipating the rain, a feeling that I have not noticed before.  I then brushed against the juniper I was standing next to, it liked the contact, so I did it some more.  It is wonderful to be aware, awake and connected to all things.

It was a good rain!