Saturday, May 30, 2015


I keep hearing about the dominant culture attempting to utilize, usually for short-term capital gain, and alter some parcel of land that native people consider sacred.  For example the San Francisco Peaks, the area around the Grand Canyon or the potential copper deposits under the land of the San Carlos Apaches.  I recognize that these are complex issues but there is generally little recognition that we are all connected and connected to the earth, on which we depend.  There is also little recognition that we essentially stole the land from native people and are now using the same land for our personal profit.

Friday, May 29, 2015


Lots of feelings of gratitude today & knowing that things could be a lot worse.  It is interesting for me since I face major physical difficulties daily.  However, I can also consider that I am getting paid for doing work that I love, eat well, sleep well and have a supportive wife.  I can also recall that twenty-five years ago, I was in physical therapy learning how to crawl.  Like I said, things could be a lot worse.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Holistic Approach

I attended a workshop on calming the mind today.  The presenter had a decidedly holistic approach, which I found very enjoyable.  He spoke of many recent studies showing the positive physical effects of performing activities that calm the mind and/or reduce stress.  He mentioned some of the standard things like exercise and sleep, but also things like having positive feelings, gratitude and meditation, making use of the mind-body connection.  He did not go as far as mentioning the positive physical effects of love, but he approached that.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Life Unfolding As It Should

I drove down to Oak Creek Village for an appointment with the healer I go to once a month, a trip of about an hour each way.  He was not there so I waited a while and went to a local restaurant for lunch.  I found it notable that I was not disturbed, I just went about my day and focused on doing the next right thing.  If I take care of myself, spiritually, emotionally and physically, I have a very strong feeling that events in my life are flowing along just fine.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Attitudinal Shift

I attended the movie “Tomorrowland” today and found it both stimulating and enjoyable.  Within the movie it was acknowledged that humans are doing many things to destroy each other and this planet, possibly resulting in an unpleasant outcome.  Within the movie there were also the “dreamers” who did things to promote and believe in life on this planet.  In the movie the emphasis of the dreamers was on technological advances.  I am a dreamer.  However, I promote and believe in blending an attitudinal shift along with technological and scientific advances.  I believe that technological and scientific advances done with the attitudes of love, inclusiveness, connection and spirituality are possible and will result in the necessary changes.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Love Versus Fear

I commented on and returned the proofs for the cover of the book I am publishing, very meaningful as I continue to get closer to its publication.  The book contains a lot of self-disclosure and recommends the various practices I use to live a life based on love rather than fear.  As I returned the proofs, I had the dual feelings of knowing the action was the right thing to do, accompanied by a vague feeling of foreboding.  The fact is that publishing the book is new behavior for me and by doing so I am exposing myself to criticism.  Fear says I am at risk, love says go ahead.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


People struggle to change and grow. As in my case, the struggle is due to resistance, not the change itself.  At times, it is hard to see but each small change is in the direction of increased love, connection and inclusiveness.  The changes do not come easily for myself or those I come in contact with.  As I have learned and observed, people change when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain/fear of changing.  I find myself wishing that change had come more easily in my life, as it does now.  My life is now full of love, connection and inclusiveness, but it was difficult getting to this point.  I resisted.