Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Simplicity of Love

“It’s really pretty simple isn’t it!” and I just said “Yes”.  Today, someone asked me a question, I gave them a simple, straightforward response and that was their reaction to my suggestion.  The fact is that a love-based response is generally very simple and direct.  As opposed to a fear-based response which is often highly intellectual and convoluted.  For example, simply saying “I’m sorry, I’ll try to do differently next time” rather than giving a long explanation, which, in fact, dilutes the apology.
I understand that this principle of the simplicity of love explains Mary Magdalen’s response and attitude toward Jesus.  She felt his love and simply worshiped and adored him.  Her feelings toward him were pure and simple, regardless of whatever took place in her past, as were his feelings toward her.  She also realized that there was no need for her forgiveness since within love there is no judgement or criticism.  I, too, have felt and feel that love, as have many others.  On the other hand, the apostles and many other followers have complicated the message and feeling with various rules, explanations and judgements.