Saturday, July 15, 2017

My Process

I get up and begin my normal nightly activities some time after midnight. After drinking my harmonizing tea and writing in my journal I go downstairs for an extended period of prayer and meditation in the dark, quiet and peace of the night. Once there and comfortable I fill myself with the loving feeling of the Absolute. I allow my normal mind chatter for a while and then empty my head of it so I can listen for guidance or, recently, spirit communication. My normal mind chatter usually consists of things like what I will do tomorrow, obligations, what I will cook at some time in the future or some other concern that takes me out of the present. I allow it in order to determine if there is something important, something I should pay attention to. I clear my head of the mind chatter by focusing on the in-and-out of my own breathing so I can truly listen for any comments, questions or concerns of the spirits.