Thursday, February 8, 2018

Connection 2

I am a retired mental health therapist so I have had the privilege of connecting, deeply, with a large number of people, a skill I continue to work on. Personally, I have found that in order to connect deeply I need to do a lot of self-care, be spiritually fit, listen intensely and be able to put my own ego aside. I have also found that when the other person is using a SRI., some other anti-depressant or prescribed medication it makes connection more difficult. If they are using alcohol or illegal drugs anything other than a superficial connection is impossible. I stopped using a prescribed medication for hypothyroidism on the 15th of last month and find, not surprisingly, that my ability to connect has improved.. "For there to be a meeting, it seems as though a third, a something else, is always present. You may call it Love, or the Holy Spirit. Jungians would say that it is the presence of the Self. If this 'Other' is present, there cannot have failed to be a meeting."(Claremont deCastillejo)